About Us

What . . .

LibertyRevolution.TV was launched at the end of 2019 by two colleagues looking to focus on the most powerful force in modern communication: rich media.

Each day, we curate freedom-oriented content from a variety of sources. Some you’ll know. Others will be new to you. All of it—we hope—will offer powerful perspectives on the ongoing struggle for human liberty.

We have no affiliation with either the content producers or the platforms they operate on. We simply want to drive attention to some truly excellent sources of information in today’s information-rich world. No click-bait. No wasting anyone’s time. We think the video segments we’ve selected are worth watching and we hope you’ll agree.

Please do go to these independent producers’ own channels and websites to support their continuing work, and let us know if you think there’s someone we’ve missed!

Why . . .

BigTech censorship of conservatives and libertarians is now so blatant and pervasive that denials of it—both official and unofficial—are pointless. They know it. We know it. Content producers are being blocked and de-platformed. Their content is being deleted, hidden, or throttled by secret algorithms—with potentially historic consequences for upcoming elections and democracy itself.

The internet has the power to set humanity free, but it won’t happen unless we act. Content producers need new venues where their voices can be heard. At LibertyRevolution.TV, we’re here to do our part.

Is this really a “revolution”?

Not all revolutions are created equal. The American and Bolshevik revolutions could not have been more different, from their causes to their outcomes. The Scientific and Industrial revolutions each brought seismic shifts that, in time, resulted in political change. In the 21st Century, we are witnessing—and participating in—a technological revolution, with information access and communication beyond our ancestors’ wildest dreams. Stunning new developments, across all industries, bring changes beyond our own imaginations, and at a breakneck pace!

Daily, the news tells of demands for political change in one region after another, as people take to the streets and the ballot boxes. The intellectual awakening of humanity is unstoppable. We have experienced only the first stirrings of the political, economic, and social upheaval that is to come. LibertyRevolution.TV is about riding this wave of innovations to the best of all possible outcomes—steering clear of the deep caverns of tyranny that can envelop us; reaching new heights of achievement; perserving and expanding our precious liberty; and retaining our humanity into this fascinating and unknowable future. 

Even as societies negotiate these radical changes, mass media remains one of the most influential factors in our lives. Often in negative ways—from the distractions of bread and circuses and lionization of negative role models to the pressure to think, feel and act in certain ways. For that reason, we believe it is critically important to support alternative sources of news and entertainment. LibertyRevolution.TV is dedicated to highlighting independent media alternatives that inform, enlighten, inspire, and even entertain freedom-lovers everywhere, as we traverse the delicate path of revolutionary change. 

Vigilance . . .

Technology is a double-edged sword: It makes the free flow of information possible to a degree never before seen in human history, but it also creates new mechanisms with almost limitless potential to control the masses. At any moment a sudden mass awakening—or deception—can occur through modern communication technologies.

Multiple movies have explored these themes. Takeovers of old-school network broadcasting (Network, They Live); hijacking of futuristic dystopian propaganda channels (V for Vendetta, Equilibrium); or simple control of modern media. Some would argue we already suffer a sustained onslaught of misinformation through fake news. The horrifying potential of deep-fake capabilities looms increasingly large as a tool for manipulating the public, as prophesied in films like The Running Man. And, of course, intelligence agencies have long been aware of the ability to foment revolution and carry out coups through the calculated mass dissemination of information—real or manufactured. Movie-makers have long envisioned a time where the lines between technology and reality blur. And now, we’re just about there.

It is incumbent upon those of us on the vanguard of technological awareness to study these developments and make every effort to stay informed, discerning truth from fiction, as we capture the evidence to present to our neighbors and contacts—ever watchful of the events unfolding in these most interesting times.

Humanity is now in a race to communicate the messages of liberty while fending off the shackles of censorship, surveillance, disinformation, and tyranny.  We look forward to joining with you in this vital cause.

Who . . .

Angela Eckhardt

Angela is a researcher, writer and editor with a focus on public policy and freedom. After graduating in 1998 with a Religious Studies degree from the famously liberal Reed College, whose unofficial motto is “atheism, communism, and free love,” Angela started an internship with the free-market Cascade Policy Institute where she worked for five years in multiple capacities, conducting original research and serving as publication director.

In 2002 she relocated out of Portland to start a large family, and began writing for a community newspaper and the Western agriculture weekly Capital Press. For most of the last decade Angela has focused on homeschooling her children, but in 2019 she returned to work, writing for Western Free Press. She enjoys looking at policy problems from an outside-the-box perspective, identifying where freedom is missing from the roots of the modern U.S. economy, and casting an eye on emerging issues involving technology, globalism, and future threats to human freedom.

Christopher Cook

Christopher Cook is a writer, editor, and political commentator. He is the president of Castleraine, Inc., a consulting firm providing a diverse array of services to corporate, public policy, and not-for-profit clients.

Ardently devoted to the cause of human freedom, he has worked at the confluence of politics, activism, film, and public policy for two decades. As a consultant for the (Evergreen) Freedom Foundation, he co-wrote a ten-part series of video shorts on economics. He has film credits as a researcher on 11 political documentaries, including films written and produced by Lionel Chetwynd, Newt Gingrich, Ron Silver, and Dick Morris.  Among these is Citizens United’s notorious film on Hillary Clinton that became the subject of the landmark Supreme Court decision Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission, and the award-winning education-reform documentary Flunked, narrated by Joe Mantegna.

As an author, Christopher has written thousands of articles on a wide range of topics in a number of venues. He is the author of the StreetSmarts Manual, a 190-page community organizing guide for conservatives and libertarians, and will be publishing a major work on political philosophy in 2021. He has created and managed several organizations, including the news magazines Modern Conservative and Western Free Press; the tea-party predecessor AnyStreet.org; and Liberatchik, a group dedicated to promoting conservative and libertarian art and artists. He is currently the managing editor of WesternFreePress.com and LibertyRevolution.TV.