On Monday night Tucker Carlson shared a few seconds from one particularly disturbing video out of China, which showed people forceably taken into custody for transport into quarantine. He suggested to his audience that they spend 20 minutes on social media to watch more such clips themselves. Below are a sample of what you’ll find.

Together they paint a story of a crisis far beyond what China has publicly admitted, and exacerbated by the regime’s unrelenting drive to control the flow of information, or “speak as one voice.” The quarantine approach ranges from sealing people into their apartments and buildings, to violently forcing people into vehicles bound for the much-celebrated — and much-feared — rapidly-constructed new “hospitals” of Wuhan.

Concerns have been raised that these facilities lack heat, water, medicine, and doctors. Far from places for recovery, they are thought by many to be “pre-crematoriums,” where non-confirmed cases are mixed indiscriminately with confirmed cases, and the line between punishing dissidents and “caring” for the infirm seems to be lost.

Without access to social media, the truth of what has been going on in Wuhan would have never seen the light of day. [Related: Wuhan Coronavirus Prompts Scrutiny of Maximum Security Biolabs]