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While the media and their lackeys were busy ridiculing POTUS for the idea that UV light inside the body or the injection of a disinfectant could kill Covid-19, Big Tech censors were scrambling to delete the YouTube video and Twitter account for AYTU BioScience, a publicly traded company that is working with Cedars-Sinai to develop just such a UV therapy. AYTU’s Twitter account has been reinstated, but the YouTube video remains offline. You can view it above courtesy of Vimeo. Note that in 2018, the National Institutes of Health published the intriguing report Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation: “The Cure that Time Forgot”?

Regarding other types of disinfectants, last month a Japanese researcher published Possibility of Disinfection of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) in Human Respiratory Tract by Controlled Ethanol Vapor Inhalation. And yes, IV “disinfectant” therapy is also a consideration: numerous medical journals have published on the use of intravenous very dilute hydrogen peroxide.

In fact, a 2005 NIH study linked high dose IV Vitamin C therapy and hydrogen peroxide with beneficial results, concluding: “Taken together, these data indicate that ascorbate at concentrations achieved only by i.v. administration may be a pro-drug for formation of H2O2, and that blood can be a delivery system of the pro-drug to tissues. These findings give plausibility to i.v. ascorbic acid in cancer treatment, and have unexpected implications for treatment of infections where H2O2 may be beneficial.”

As The Guardian explained, “Vitamin C reacts with dissolved oxygen to generate hydrogen peroxide.” There has been much interest in IV Vitamin C therapy as a potential Covid-19 treatment — except among top public health officials. Last week the FBI raided a medical “spa” after it offered IV Vitamin C treatments to essential workers exposed to Covid-19, even for free if their insurance didn’t cover it.

For background on how America’s medical system became so deeply divided between sanctioned versus alternative methods, watch this video on the Carnegie/Rockefeller Flexner Report, the licensing of medical schools, and the war on natural medicine.